Trunk to Trunk

Today is #FamilyDay in the world of social media.

Across all digital platforms, individuals are posting pictures of their human families and animal ones too.

While September is also considered National Sewing month for large reputable brands like Singer, what really caught my attention was the work a young Wildlife Keeper named Mary is doing at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in North Kenya.

Mary leads young elephants Shaba, Bawa and Pokot on their daily wilderness walk. These baby elephants were orphaned due to environmental causes and poaching and Mary's work is key to their survival now. 

These nature walks are the learned behaviors that baby elephants acquire from their herd ( familia ) and once they walk together like this, they are bonded forever.

To follow this amazing work and see photos follow @r.e.s.c.u.e  and @sararacamp on Instagram for the latest to continue to honor them.

National Honey Bee Day & Cheetah's?


Yes, we said it:

National Honey Bee Day and Cheetah's go together like peanut butter and jelly.

We are proud to feature this most recent article in the Huffington Post of one of our Partners, Jenna Brager whose content and photography is featured throughout.

Congratulations to the impact everyone around the world is making by emphasizing the key roles bees play in nature.


Wildlife's Imprint in Social Media

This month presented a multitude of nationally recognized wildlife awareness days across the world. The elephant and the lion were amongst the two most highly publicized animals across social channels with tweets and posts on Instagram by National Geographic, WildAid and more sharing epic photo's and video clips coupled with the latest international policies advancing awareness in foreign governments to protect these endangered species.

Startup companies like Wild Me are launching funding campaigns on platforms such as Indiegogo to create apps that interweave scientific data with human and animal welfare networks to help bridge science with a younger audience.

Biologist's and world renown conservationist's from around the world have come together in more meetings over the last several years since the Paris agreement than any other time in history. 

Pop culture and entertainment platforms have long dominated social platforms with celebrities new hit TV show or music videos, but conservationist and biologist are now creating spaces more than ever to convert global issues into active dialogue to promote social change. This Spring the PR News Wire posted an article of the US Fish & Wildlife successes with just posting the documentation of hummingbird babies.

But if you're like most "mom and pop" NGOs, marketing, publicity and social media for that matter often take a back burner in terms of management and consistent content that's relevant to the cause and brings people to action. Why? 

For example, eagles, bears (polar and grizzly), sharks, wolves, dolphins, penguins, pandas and all manner of other animals are tracked by 24 hour live feeds by National Parks Service (NPS) and United States Fish and Wildlife Service and some amazing stories have emanated from them. The 'Bearcam' which operated at Kamati National Park in Alaska managed to catch live images of a bear cub being adopted by a new parent, an extremely rare and fascinating phenomenon that would have passed by unnoticed, had people not been tuned in. These educational videos of life are awakening a reverence in many humans that had been laying dormant, unconscious, but social media has changed all that.

Imagine if we were able to convert the massive amounts of energy devoted to commentary on the latest new pair of jeans Nicki Minaj is wearing into amplifying awareness of dire issues like wildlife trafficking and conservation. It's possible, it's happening - right now this very minute.

Follow three wildlife and conservation organizations on your social channel of choice today and take a small step to amplify important messages. If you're not sure where to start, follow us and check out our influencers list for ideas. Set change in motion.

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program


I had the privilege of attending the 2016 WCN Conference in San Francisco, where I met some of the most amazing animal conservationist on the planet.

One of them was the small and mighty team ( Professor and Conservation Biologist Claudio Sillero-Zubiri and Jorgelina ) with The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program (EWCP), that is a WildCRU ( University of Oxford ) endeavor to protect this species from extinction.  EWCP is recognized as a world leader in the field of carnivore conservation.

After listening to the lecture and purchasing the book, The Ethiopian Wolf, Life At The Edge of Extinction, I was moved by their dedication to the cause. There are currently fewer than 500 Ethiopian wolves left living in scattered populations, threatened by habitat loss, climate change, disease and persecution.

The goal of the EWCP is to help conserve Ethiopian wolves and their Afroalpine homes by addressing the most urgent threats of their survival.

Ethiopian wolves are the guardians of the roof of Africa, and a flagship for the protection of Ethiopia's wilderness. By protecting them we safeguard many fascinating endemics from extinction, and natural resources that are vital to human livelihoods.

Please help support them by visiting to learn more about the life changing work they are doing for future generations.





February Love, Humanity & Connection

We are wired to connect.

From the most bare bones level of touch to the psychology of non verbal communication.

In each moment, we are choosing to join or separate - to connect or disconnect - and the person to whom we’re speaking feels what we have chosen regardless of our words - non verbal communication.

The 1st rule of building heart-to-heart connections is that even though it takes two people to create a relationship, the responsibility for connecting starts with us.

The 2nd rule is that everything depends on your level of awareness. How are we being more aware from the inside out and how does this further love and connection?

Many feel the simple answer is this: EGO.

The very construct of the ego brings with it a built in conflict with other egos.

If you think about it, it’s surprising that separate egos, each with their own set of rules and agendas, ever get together in the first place. When they do, their connections always risk unravelling because each ego is primarily tied with what it wants.

Deepak Chopra teaches that the path to an ideal relationship therefore must get past the ego - its insecurities, demands and constant focus on ‘I, me and mine’.

The month of February has historically been known as the month of love, passion, connection - let's take these steps to generate awareness from the inside out so that we can have less ego and more love as the end result.


New Year Better You

With all the New Years resolutions flooding social media and the latter, we got to thinking what is it that we really seek in 2017?

Health, Love, Happiness, Financial Freedom are amongst many high ranking wishes for the New Year. January, of all the months of the year is the one that is considered to be the most well-received for its association with a fresh start, new beginnings, new adventures and more.

Whether you're whipping out your yearly planner, or just taking it day by day - don't forget to do something each week for you.

Happy New Year everyone. We are excited to share it with you.


With election day tomorrow, there has been much buzz surrounding which candidate will support this and that. The causes that mean the most and matter to you should be addressed. What we do know about the previous administrations efforts for the last eight years as it pertains to our Veterans welfare is saddening.

Those who serve and continue to serve - we thank you and the sacrifice of both your and your family should be honored.

While many feel like they are voting for the lesser of the evils - please take note of the facts when you get out and vote.

Vote for Veterans.

Holiday Projects

With the holiday's around the corner you may have a laundry list of both personal and business -related projects accumulating. We wanted to help by offering a few services for "short-term projects" that may help check some boxes off your wish list this season. If you're interested in getting a blog written, maybe an email campaign, press release or just looking for some help with social media content development we've got you covered.

Do What You Want

In the same way water becomes stale and begins to smell after being stagnant too long - so do we when we get stuck in the same routine everyday. Move your body in another direction. Switch on what's been off. Turn off what's draining. Be happy and do what brings you joy. Not tomorrow. Today.